Development Info

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Team Size:
Team Breakdown: 1 Producer, 1 Game Designer/Level Designer, 3 Level Designers (excluding GD), 3 Artists, 2 Programmers
Engine: Unreal Engine 3 (UDK)
Development Time: 5 Months


Role: Game Designer

  • Gameplay Concept
  • Theme Concept
  • Gameplay Layout
  • Environment Creation
  • Lighting
  • Game Design Document


Design Goals

Node Control Combat: Torrent's core gameplay features capturable nodes and a ticket/lives system on a symmetrical map.

Weapon Balance: Torrent's weapons are balanced in ranges, damage, and utility abilities.

Clean and Dynamic Environment: Torrent takes place in a sleek digital environment (perfect for player visibility) with lighting that indicates team controlled areas.

Game Summary

Torrent is a node-based, total conversion First-Person Shooter (FPS) mod for the Unreal Development Kit. Players control the digital avatars of hackers, battling it out on the net. Each team is attempting to win the network for itself by pushing the other off. This is accomplished by depleting bandwidth, which is reduced by capturing and controlling data nodes around a digital projection of cyberspace, or by "banning" (killing) opposing players from the "server" (the game's single level). The teams of hackers have developed a complicated projection system that displays their hacking prowess as a FPS, utilizing three weapons to ban opponents. The pistol, rifle, and shotgun are equipped with primary and secondary fire modes: the pistol is accurate, but with a slow rate of fire and Electromagnetic Pulse secondary; the rifle fires quickly at longer ranges with an automatic fire primary and burst fire secondary; and the shotgun has a devastating close-range blast with an energy shield secondary. All around, Torrent is designed to be an exciting, fast-paced, and strategic FPS, based around capturing and holding three strategic locations on the map.

My Role

As Game Designer on Torrent, my responsibilities primarily involved coordinating between the design, art, and programming teams to keep the game's vision consistent. The following are my contributions:

  • Worked with designers to create Torrent's level, systems, and weapon designs
  • Coordinated design, art, and programming teams to maintain game consistency
  • Environment creation work on the level
  • Involved in creating the original gameplay and theme concepts

The Level: Nexus

"Nexus" is Torrent's sole level. It is playable in both game modes: Classic (Node Capture) and Team Deathmatch. About the Level:

  • Symmetrical
  • Teams begin in isolated 2F bases and drop into side hallways, close to A or C node
  • B node in atrium
  • Four routes to each node room: A and C nodes - 3 1F and 1 2F | B node - 2 1F and 2 2F
  • Teleports in side hallways to bypass B and flank A and C

Overview Map:

Nexus: Image Walkthrough

  • Main Menu
  • Orange Base
  • East A-B (Orange Spawn) Hall
  • East Portal (From E A-B to E C-B Halls)
  • A Node
  • A-B Side Room
  • B Node, 1F
  • B Node, 2F
  • 2F Hall
  • A 2F Balcony
  • C 2F Balcony
  • Blue Base