Development Info

Genre: Real-Time Strategy/Tug-of-War
Team Breakdown: 21 (Dev Team) | +48 (Business, QA, Other) | Appx. 69 Total
Engine: Unity
Time on Team: 11+ Months


Role: Game Designer

  • Designed and balanced warriors, spells, titans, and kingdoms for competitive multiplayer matches
  • Systems and metagame design, including game design from prototype to finished product
  • Scripted tutorial
  • Maintained game design document and related design spreadsheets

Design Challenges

Multiplayer Balance: SIEGE is a head-to-head multiplayer game, which means keeping its units, spells, and kingdoms balanced is of the utmost importance.

Systems Design: I worked on building the whole framework of SIEGE's design, from prototype to finished product.

Ongoing Updates: A living game like SIEGE demands a constant stream of new content, which I work to provide to players.

Game Summary

SIEGE: Titan Wars is a multiplayer head-to-head real-time strategy game developed by Simutronics Corp. for mobile game platforms (iOS and Android devices). The game was inspired by StarCraft custom map "tug-of-war" games, and seeks to bring that type of hardcore gameplay to mobile. Players battle each other in 1v1 matches, seeking to use warriors, spells, and the titular Titans to push a front line into the enemy kingdom and destroy the opposing castle. Winning matches earns players loot chests which contain cards which allow them to earn new (and level up existing) warriors, spells, and Titans. Players compete to win matches, collect new cards, and climb the leaderboards in an endless battle for supremacy.

My Role

As one of just two full-time designers on the project, and the first designer assigned to work on the game from its inception, I had a major role in the development and design of SIEGE. I helped take the game from its earliest prototype and expand upon its systems, and designed and balanced many of its warriors, spells, and Titans. Here are some concrete examples of my daily work:

Warrior, Spell, and Titan Design:

  • Designed or influenced design of all warriors, spells, and Titans in the game
  • Designed warrior archetypes (front-line, ranged, reinforcement, and siege) used as early templates for units
  • Designed early 'hero units', which evolved into the game's titular Titans
  • Designed kingdoms' various gameplay effects

Game Balance:

  • Responsible (with other designer) for creating and maintaining all game balance
  • Balanced warriors and warrior archetypes against each other
  • Balanced Titans against each other and against warriors and spells
  • Balanced spells against warriors and Titans
  • Balanced kingdoms

Systems Design:

  • Design work on all game systems
  • Designed match mechanics such as in-match economy, spell use mechanics, match time mechanics, and kingdom bonuses
  • Design work on metagame systems such as deck size, loot chest rewards, clans, and game replays
  • Influenced design of match UI
  • Design work on metagame economy, including loot chest rewards
  • Scripted game's tutorial