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About Me

Thanks for showing interest in my site! I'm a game designer currently working at Bethesda Game Studios Austin. Games have always been a big part of my life, so I decided to make a career out of them. I play and enjoy most genres, though strategy titles like CivilizationTotal War, and Crusader Kings 2 have been my staples. Japanese RPGs (especially EarthBoundChrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VI) have had the biggest influence on my life and design.


  • I studied English, History, and Folklore as an undergraduate
  • I am a graduate of Southern Methodist University's Guildhall game development Master's program
  • I'm big on movies, especially those directed by Akira Kurosawa, Francis Ford Coppola, and Stanley Kubrick
  • I love to read nonfiction, especially histories
  • I grew up in Kirkwood, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri

Email: chrismarshallgamedesign@gmail.com
Skype: cmmarsh89@gmail.com