Development Info:

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Engine: Unreal Engine 3 (Unreal Tournament 3)

Development Time: 100 man-hours

Level Highlights

Jump Boots: Placed throughout the level, they provide alternate routes of entrance and escape

Design Goals

Balanced & Symmetrical: The level is symmetrical and both sides are equal in weapon placement.

Jump Boot Routes: Players can use jump boots to create new avenues of approach.

Immersive Environment: "Hiei's" environment is a lush Asian-inspired garden inspired by the strongholds of the warrior monks of feudal Japan.

Level Summary

"Hiei" is a symmetrical capture the flag level for Unreal Tournament 3 inspired by legends of the warring monks of Mount Hiei, near Kyoto, Japan. Designed for balanced play, players can take a variety of routes across three elevations to and from the opposing team's flag. "Hiei" gets more intense once jump boots are factored into the equation. These handy items let players jump straight up to balconies outside the flag room for quick captures, and are also located inside each base for escapes or chasing the flag carrier.

At A Glance

  • Two covered 2F routes from base to base
  • Stairs connect 1F to 2F in atrium
  • Five entrances to the flag rooms: 2 interior, 3 exterior
  • Weapons: Shock Rifle, Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Minigun
  • Jump Boots give easy access to 3F, but must be fought over

Overview Maps:

  • Hiei | Ground Floor
  • Hiei | Middle Floor
  • Hiei | Third Floor | Flag Rooms

Hiei: Image Walkthrough

  • Overview of the atrium. Players can cross through the exposed center, or on either side under the cover of bridges.
  • Basement (ground floor) spawn in the Blue Team base.
  • Basement (ground floor) spawn in the Red Team base.
  • The central island has more cover than the rest of the atrium, and shelters the only jump boots in the exterior, a conflict point. Players can use these to jump to the third floor of either base, and into the flag room.
  • Bridges on either side of the atrium give shelter and minor health pickups, and lead to armor on unsheltered, side-center platforms.
  • Each base has platforms that players can use to jump up to the middle balcony of the third floor flag rooms.
  • Symbols on the walls help players identify which base they are in. Red is Dragon Base.
  • Interior display on the second floor hallway that links Red Team's 2F spawns.
  • Red Team flag room. Flag rooms are open and have five entrances each, two from inside and two from outside, making them big-time combat locations.
  • Blue Team is Lion Base.
  • Statuary display inside Blue Team's 2F hallway.
  • Jump boots are positioned near outer-wall balconies in each flag room. Picking them up makes escaping - and giving chase - easier.
  • Flag room action is readily visible from 3F balconies.
  • The center of the map has some low water, making the most direct route the most vulnerable.